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Fees and Rebates

Insight Works is a private practice which is committed to providing a high-quality,  professional and accessible service.

We try to keep our fees affordable and in many cases Medicare or other services will provide rebates. For most services there will be a gap payment.


Our fees are listed below. For comparison the Australian Psychological Society recommends a fee of $300 for a 46-60min session (2023-2024).

Please speak to our friendly staff about any questions you have about the fees and rebates.

Our reception service is part-time, please leave a message at any time day or night and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Medicare gap: $73.65

Medicare gap: $73.65

Medicare gap: $43.65

NDIS Session


NDIA Self and Agency Managed Plans supported

Third Party Session
(Workcover, Insurance etc)

Fee Schedule Applies

Usually no gap



Non-attendance of a booked session or changes within 48 hours of session​



Payable prior to first booking
Refundable after last session


All fees are for a 50 minute session.

Standard and Concession Fees need to be paid at the time of the session.


If you have concerns about payment, please discuss these with your psychologist during your first session. 

*Concession Fees are for Low Income Health Care Card holders only.


Medicare Rebates (Clinical Psychologist $136.35/$159.55) for sessions are available with a valid referral for Mental Health, Chronic Disease, or Eating Disorder Care Plans from your GP, Paediatrician, or other eligible health professional.

Medicare rebates are claimed on your behalf at the time of processing payment. Please note that the way Medicare works is that you are required to pay the full fee before we claim the rebate on your behalf. Medicare pays the rebates into your bank account within one or two business days of the claim being processed.

Private Health Fund Rebates for sessions may be available. Please call and check with your Health Fund.

You will be emailed an invoice after payment is received to take to your Private Health Fund to submit your claim.

Please note that Medicare and Health Fund Rebates cannot be used together.

Cancellation Fees and Deposit


When you book a session, a time has been allocated specially for you with the psychologist so that you can work on your treatment plan together.

Cancelling at short notice, or not attending, impacts you and your treatment, the psychologist and other clients who might have benefitted from that session time. 

Cancellation fees for appointments will be applied unless another client books that time slot. 

We understand, it can be hard to keep on top of appointments. There is a therapeutic benefit to you taking responsibility for your appointments using readily available tools and strategies.

Please keep track of your appointments once made using calendars (phone and paper) and set reminders. We suggest setting reminders 3 days before in case you need to cancel and on the day so you remember to attend.


To assist we email summaries of appointments and in addition, we will send a courtesy reminder the day before the appointment.

To be able to offer a cancelled appointment to someone else, we and the other clients need at least 48 hours' notice so we can make changes to our planned days.

Let us know as soon you know that you need to make a change to your appointment. Please email, or leave a message on the phone or office mobile 0481 333 327, or text the mobile 24/7. All calls and messages are date and time stamped. 


With all this in mind our policy is simple. 

For any changes to appointments with less than 48 hours’ notice or for not attending an appointment the fee is $100. This is significantly less than the Australian Psychological Society recommended fee*.

All outstanding fees need to be paid prior to attending the next appointment.

IMPORTANT: As some clients have failed to pay the agreed late cancellation/no show fees in the past, we now request a refundable deposit of this fee at the time of booking the first appointment.


This will be refunded to you at the time of discharge from the clinic if it has not been used to pay for a late cancellation or missed appointment.

In the event of a late cancellation/no show:

  1. If you have no further appointments booked, the deposit will be used as payment. A new deposit will be required to be paid prior to booking the next appointment.

  2. If you have further appointments booked, the cancellation fee will need to be paid on the day of the cancelled/missed appointment.

*Australian Psychological Society Cancellation Fees Recommendation

0-24 hrs Full fee ($300); 24-48 hours 50% of fee ($150); 48 hrs to 7 days 25% of fees ($75)

By the way, people often ask:
"What is the difference between a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, and a Clinical Psychologist?"


Psychiatrists have a medical degree and can prescribe medication. Psychiatrists have completed a six-year degree in general medicine and then they specialise over a further four years. They learn how to diagnosis, prevent, and treat mental disorders. Psychiatrists assess patients to determine whether their symptoms are physical, mental or a combination of both. They have a broad training in assessment and management of mental illness through medication and therapy.

Psychologists have extensive university training in normal and abnormal mental states, perceptions, cognitions, emotions, social processes, and behaviour. They are qualified to help clients manage and process their emotions, behaviours and issues that are causing them difficulties in their lives. Psychologists work with clients to assess, diagnose, and treat them for a wide range of emotional and behavioural problems. The aim is improve quality of life for the clients. 

Psychologists study for four years in an undergraduate psychology degree before undertaking a further two years to be able to gain registration. Those two years can be completed through supervised clinical experience or formal, post-graduate (Master’s level) clinical training in an accredited, university-based program.


A Clinical Psychologist will have completed a Master's degree and then is required to complete a further two years of supervised training whilst practicing with clients of all ages and with diverse conditions. 

Some Psychologists use the title “Doctor”. They are highly qualified clinicians who have also completed a PhD in Psychology or a Doctor of Clinical Psychology (PsyD).


Insight Works’ Principal Psychologist is Dr Dipti McGowan who is a Clinical Psychologist with a PhD.

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